Morning water cooler

Welcome back and good morning!

It’s great to be back blogging again and, while this may be a short first post, it is going to be a great ride for the next six months!  We will get to that in a minute.


Can you believe the weekend we had in the Bridge City?  It got up somewhere around 26 degrees on Saturday and it felt like the middle of July!  I was at the Auto Clearing Motor Speedway calling the season ending Ellen Plastics Enduro and was sweating with the A/C cranked up in the tower.  It was awesome to have a day like that to end the summer on a high, literally.


The Enduro was awesome!  If you haven’t been to one you need to in 2013.  There were 21 cars that registered and maybe a dozen finished the 300 lap race.  They had barrels of water on the track and in the second set of 100 laps one of the barrels got hit so hard the flag men got wet.  They also put some tires on the track as obstacles which made things interesting.  There were more than a few dust-ups to say the least.


As I mentioned off the top, it’s going to be quite a ride for the next six months.  The University of Saskatchewan Huskies opened the Canada West men’s hockey season over the weekend in Calgary.  The Huskies beat Mount Royal by scores of 5-4 and 5-3 to start the season 2-0.  Kyle Bortis and Derek Hulak picked up right where they left off last year combining for 14 points in the two games (Bortis 1g, 7a, Hulak 3g, 3a).

This marks the first of back-to-back seasons where the Huskies will host the PotashCorp Cup, the national CIS men’s hockey championship.  I’ve been asked to call the play-by-play for the tournament held at Credit Union Centre in March.  This is an honour for me and I’m thrilled.  The only games I won’t get to call will be those done by Sportsnet.

The Huskies will enjoy a week off before heading to Manitoba to take on the Bisons on the 12th and 13th.  That will give them plenty of time to enjoy the Off-the-Leash Luncheon on Friday with legendary NHL defenceman Paul Coffee.  I’m hoping to be in attendance if my schedule will allow it.



Check out this picture I took on my Samsung Galaxy S II on Saturday afternoon at the track.  It’s taken through the glass in the tower but this is a throwback Hilltops hat that this lady is wearing proudly.


We’ll get back to football in a minute.  On a hockey note, I came across an interesting tweet from Yahoo! WHL insider Kelly Friesen.

@KellyFriesenStunned that Duncan Siemens doesn’t even have an ‘A’ for the Blades this year. Something obviously happened behind closed doors.

I would have thought Siemens would be a leader on this team on AND off the ice.  Perhaps something did happen. Maybe not, but maybe.

The Blades are 2-2 to start the season.


It was a good weekend for Saskatchewan in the PFC.  Both the Hilltops and Thunder won but it wasn’t such a great weekend for the Saskatchewan Huskies.  The Huskies got trounced in Calgary 45-4.  Dinos’ receiver Richard Snyder amassed 238 yards on Saturday!

The Regina Rams improved to 4-1 on the season with a 30-27 win over Manitoba. Marc Mueller engineered a game winning touchdown drive late in the game to seal the victory.

The Huskies are entering a pivotal match-up against Manitoba in the battle for playoff positioning.  The Huskies (2-3) sit in fourth place in Canda West and to avoid a first round playoff match-up with Calgary, they will want to beat Manitoba (3-2) this weekend.  Three games remain in the regular season.


It was great to sit down and chat with Huskies head coach Dave Adolph on Thursday before his team hit the road to Calgary.  The season preview is posted and you’ll have to click on the link to hear the audio.  It’s over 12 minutes long!

In my brief time as a sports-broadcaster I’ve been lucky to deal with some great coaches.  Larry Wintoneak is my all-time favorite and was a great interview.  He was always accommodating and gave great answers.  Dave is the same way.  He’s a real treat to work with and I think you’ll enjoy the clip.  The quality of the audio isn’t the best but it’s pretty good considering the noise in the background and it’s all done on my cell phone.


I’m going to leave it there.  I’m sure there is more and if I think of it I will save it for next week.  Notice how I didn’t even talk about the NFL disaster that was last week’s Monday night game?  or the NHL lock-out?  Me neither.  Besides, you can

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